Over the last couple weeks, I’ve run a few test campaigns on Facebook Ads. I was disappointed to see that about half the clicks Facebook said I got were not recorded by my Tracking202 installation. I thought maybe it was a problem with the speed of the server the Tracking202 software was on (a somewhat cheesy shared server), and decided to look into it later.

Yesterday, I came across the TechCrunch article about people on Wickedfire being up in arms about large amounts of invalid clicks, and was relieved to find out that others saw the issue, and Facebook was on to solving it.

Today, in my Facebook Ads Manager account, I got the following message:

“Recently, we have detected an increase in invalid clicks on Facebook. Your account was impacted and as a result, we are crediting your account. Your credit has been automatically deposited into your Facebook account and will apply toward future advertising campaigns. Your credits expire December 15, 2009.”

The amount they credited me was about 75% of what I felt were “missing” clicks, so I’m pretty happy that they were close to the same number on their side. I’m sure as they fine-tune their invalid click detectors, that number will be closer to true.