I’ve been using Prosper202 to track keyword searches and performance for some affiliate marketing experiments we’re doing. It’s a very nice product, with a lot of information available on which keywords people search for before clicking on your ads. It takes a fair amount of setup, but once in place, the information that can be gathered is very useful for fine-tuning Pay Per Click campaigns. Prosper202 is self-hosted and open-source, but they also have a hosted solution with even more bells and whistles at Tracking202 Pro.

One issue that has popped up is that I have been seeing the keyword AJmain show up in searches from MyWebSearch.com for one of my campaigns, and couldn’t figure out what it was. I put a negative campaign keyword in for it, but after seeing it again in my tracking data, I dug into it a little bit more.

The incoming link looks something like this:


Notice that there is a ‘p’ parameter, which it turns out Tracking202 is using to get the keyword, as some search engines pass the keyword in that parameter. Not so for MyWebSearch.com; they use the ‘searchfor’ parameter to carry the keyword that was searched by the user.

The URL-parsing code is in three different files, and I’ve posted a bug report/possible fix in the Tracking202 forum. Take a look there for more specifics. I’ll update if and when the developers get back on the report.

Update: Keyword GGmain from MyWebSearch.com shows up too, with the same issue. The link looks like: