I just finished watching the movie Bullitt on DVD. What a great movie, best known for it’s “one of cinema’s best car chase” scene. This swingin’ 60’s movie has a great jazzy soundtrack, and is peppered with…one curse word…, when Steve McQueen, as Frank Bullitt, tells the dirty politician exactly what he thinks of him and his plans. It’s dramatic, and it stands out, as Frank tells him “Bulls**t”. Ahh, gone are the days of one-curse-word cop films, and plotlines that involve the bad guy carrying a loaded handgun in a shoulder rig onboard a San Francisco to Rome flight.

But I digress. While watching Bullitt, I almost leapt off the couch, never knowing the tribute that Michael Mann had made to Bullitt in one of my all-time favorite movies, Heat. See for yourself:

1968’s Bullitt

1995’s Heat